That Familiar Smile

That Familiar Smile

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That familiar smile
A wave of love that overwhelms and delight
leaving a sparkle and a grin.

Magic of the unspoken,
the wondering and the knowing
Kiss of home with the mystery
Feeling the hopelessness and possibilities

At peace with the grin returns
after such a reprieve
the silence was broken with a ripple
I don’t know just how much a simple moment of love

without a touch,
without a look

yet the depth felt in soul outward.

Sipping slowly as the remembrance unfolds
head clear for the first time in coming
blessing to you, dear one
we live in this infinite moment…
forever one, always with love. ~jh


Time to start again…

The hints, whispers and synchronic signs about connection and the promise as the tidal wave of love followed with the same grin on my face for the rest of the day… into my sleep. The feeling of a warm blanket wrapped around me as I sense your arms around me, here and there… in the distant.

I made peace with this friendship situation and done with the madness I had been in though the madness brought out of me this creative genius I hid at times.

The story is the awareness of the self and the reflection in all its multitude of brilliance and the silence friendship, ever-present and yet seemingly unreal. It is realer than my breathing the chill in the morning air as I stare at the sparkling stars, thinking of you with that grin on my face.

Repeating memories as I walk forward and knowing the time is coming to write as I have written hints and find myself avoiding your songs, yet listening to others that seem to bring it all back anyway.





The whispering of the magic fills me from the tips of my soul and touches your soul with that damn grin. I have seen that grin on your face. You know that grin like a child with a secret and using those in between spaces to conceal the truth, yet know that other person will get it. And that is all that matters to you.

Moving in the subtleties as the writing block comes as you search for me… the creative genius we share within the stars and universe of infinity, the unconditional love, and acceptance… the game we play, even though we don’t like the twist of trust at times. The love reminds true.

Inspiration and imagination be our guides in this lifetime. Believe or not, I trust the magic surrounding me as the grin is persistent and heart opens wide while touching the stars of your heart.

Knowing when you hit the mark with your writing or put a smile on someone’s face, perhaps other than mine.  Divine magic keeps me going into the mystery and spiral ascension of the wonders of life.

Yes, it is time again…

To release the magic within me and breathe the love I know is real.

The magic of love surrounds us when we turn while releasing the doorknob, allowing the sweetness of connection to show a new way outside the box. Creating the true self from the soul, I expands my world of knowing, breaking free through the ceiling and trust the brilliance within me shining out. ~jh





{unknown source}

{unknown source}


The whisper said…Or the music will fade.

Heart will weaken
and life changes into chaos…

Fear brings shadows to life…
The worry, struggle and descend.

Keep the music alive…
Dance with Joy
Dance with Grief
in celebration of life’s cycle
Dance with love
Love the music within your soul

Sing it, Play it, Write it, and Paint it.

Oh just Dance….
Dance makes you ageless
Grateful and at peace
with world within and at large
even with those moments
with shadows and change
in limited doses of tune and reason.

So let your heart take your mind
out to dance with the music of your soul.

Oh yes… Dance.

Colors of Life

Colors of Life


Before my eyes lay the ways of the infinite wisdom…
Of love and the glories that live,
Hidden in the heart, mind, and soul
as they dance across the universe
opening each door to me.

I have the choice to open and walk through
Or turn humbly or egotistical away.
Unmatched in the beauty, each door is a gateway…
Closer to the prosperity of wisdom
Worthy of the wisest men and beautiful women.

Think not, the women are not smart…
Ah she has the brightest of heart
With the union of strength and nurturing,
Knowing exactly when to use both, either or neither.

Come, Child, be that smart woman with the beauty…
Opening the doors before you.
And the men will follow like the cub to his mother…
To lover to the Beloved
A bee to a flower

Open your heart dear Child…
Show your beauty hidden inside with grace and wisdom.
Wisdom built on ley lines have a consistency power…
Never fluctuating from the pulse of the Universal Heart.

Plain as the color of the moment to appear
You two create each moment’s color
Being the brightest
Or reds, greens, and blues
Or the muted hues of the same

Create your palette and see the beauty
You have within you
Hidden, alive and ready for action
Breathe and you live…right?
Or do you?

If your palette be dried without the watercolor to rejuvenate it?
Pigments like the atoms of thought
Generate the essence within the presence of life.
Dull sky does change to be bright as the sun arrives
with the Colors of the yellows, oranges and reds hues…
Enriched textures of the mind’s journey

The soul longs to see the stars in all their brilliance
Dancing before the plights
Another connection of the heart
And soul lingering in the forefront of the colored moment. ~jh

As published on The Tattooed Buddhas

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