change of seasons
change of signs
change of directions
change of Divine
changes all around us.

whispering slowly in the soft winds of autumn
changing reasons of the mind
changing lives as the world continues
to challenge logic and common senses
through chaos and confusion
of loss and wondering thoughts.

change of location
change of love
change of careers
change of priorities
changes all around us.

singing songs of the heart come alive
distractions slowly fading like the heat of summer
like the hummingbird’s flight
able to move in any direction quickly
fearless and determined
to keep the rhythm of life in balance.

Hummingbird needs nature
as nature needs hummers
as we need nature for the air and water to survive.
the connection through oneness
is stable and solid
through all these changes
one thing is constant
be the love that lives within you
and you will be alright. ~jh