image by (c)Jenniferhillman

image by (c)Jenniferhillman


Breathe and walk in the darkness of the early morning air. Blessed by the Morning Star, Venus and her friend, the Moon following me through the infinity journey taken each morning, with seeing the early birds and bunnies scrambling about before the dawn. Cool breeze wakes the senses and embracing the being.

Spiritual practice assists in the centering and the focus of the day, being meditation, walking, exercise, yoga, music, journal writing.

Illusions can be thick with the darkness of the eclipse dancing near Neptune as Jupiter expands your imagination and depth of feeling at the end of Scorpio’s visit with Saturn. Breathe in the wonders and that wandering of detachment as the morning star peeks through the clouds. Heavy rains purify the mind, washing away the delusions of dreams. Breathe in deep and feel the expansion of your lungs and the beating of your heart. Listen to the Silence for clarity and reason. Some dreams may die in that perception you once held so gently, yet firm. Allow your dreams to reorganize and reform in better adventures and possibilities. Allow the daily death to wash and cleanse you so you awake with a smile and that divine sparkle blazing. Accept the physicality of life is simply passing smiles collected and refinement of your thoughts in form.

Here are the dreams
Fragments of seeds hidden in the dust
Sorting through the grains of sand
Into the mystic place on earth

Listening to the music softly playing
In the depths of the heart
Careful placing the seed

In the palm of manifesting hands
Turning, bumping the hands
Seeds falling back into the sands of time…
Falling on knees
Continue to find those seeds
And placing gently into the hands of the universe.

 Dance with that heartbeat, touch the skin of your dream… relax and release the fire burn you up. You are the dreamer. You manifest all that appears in your life and all that doesn’t. Trust the miraculous magic presence you are and take control of those moments of quietude with patience. Delve in your dream for refinement and be satisfied with your creation. It is all the perception that creates your thought form wonders. If you wonder, take another perspective of your creation. Be at peace with the moments of love embracing this dream of the dreamer. ~jh