Have you ever stop and really thought all you have lived through: The event of the local to the world wide happens? I noticed a FB post and laughed and then felt old, yet still knowing so more to come for me. I know I have a divine plan and I am far from getting it all done. I do pray for it all to be done soon. I hear the universe laughing, whispering you know your path. Breathe, relax and get out of your way now, please. Amazed by the simplicity and yet how complicate the game of life has come to be… out of our own making. Really folks? A moment in the silence opens your mind to your truth, yet we still turn away at times.

You just want to hide. Hide behind that false mask with a smile, hoping it will be enough to calm that denial beast you love. Say yes and do as one is told. Keep the peace as you are shaking inside with bruises down to break the soul. The film replays and just repeats in your mind as you attempt to learn the triggers so it will stop. You live in the silence of fear of living your truth as you stopped trusting. You know it. It is hard to beat that challenge with it seems to keep beating you or is it? You just want to stop it all until… You get the hint!

At times, we get in our own way… for our dreams to manifest. Surrender to the flow and know with trust… you will be all you will be… and that is the best, shining bright and changing the world…one moment at a time. Embrace all you be…and what you have done. Give yourself credit and a hug. You are doing great. Breathe in deep and say YES!  have a beautiful day. ~jh

Self-trust is self-love, self-acceptance and self-beingness. Letting of what others tell you and connecting with the inner truth. Letting go of the mind game we play with ourselves and the materialize moments. This is happiness is available every moment in every cell of your “human” form. Don’t buy that you are stuck… That is the mind game in action. Instead face your fears and release them to the illusions where they came from.

In fearlessness, magic happens. Seeing through different eyes create the opportunity of new perspective on what you are creating in your life now. Colors will be brighter as taste be richer in flavor. The air will seem fresher and life continues to improve So take a moment, look in the mirror and breathe. Speak your truth to that person looking at you… those darkest fears and misjudgments.

Breathe, release and smile. Tell yourself I love you and mean it. See how many ways the life is sweeter and how the game becomes more fun as you detach from the outcome… now that you open yourself up to real possibilities with trust.

Live * Follow Your Heart * Be Kind * Trust Your Gut * Be Aware

A wise friend once told me a bit of wisdom.
“Be wise and know that you will get through everything…
One way or another. Enjoy the ride.” ~jh