I have had many generations of JenniferHillman.com and here I go again.
My last adventure in sharing a little more about my world was hacked badly, so I took the site down, took a break and regrouped/ refocused my energies.
So first of all, thank you for stopping back and I do hope you enjoy your visit to my world of creative, spirituality and adventures.
My mission in this lifetime, by choice, it is to experience much of the human experiences through relationships, emotions and creation through the variety of art forms. With this being said, I have passions for words as you will see through my many writings.
I am one of those people who came in with her light switch on a bit higher and understanding the nuances of living on this earthly plane hasn’t been the easiest. I have learned lessons and I share them with you. I am offering just a little bit on this new moon in Aries. New beginnings! I thought it fitting with my rising sign in Aries to launch this site, knowing I have still more work on it.

Enjoy yourself and come back by again. I will be adding a store of my books, meditations and consultations links.

This is the blessing I channelled this morning:

Go within to see your dreams and potentials. All is within with love.
Allow yourself to witness and gather your dreams and go. Live lucidly again.
Breathe and set yourself free. Dream a dream into reality.
You dance with the stars as you dance with love. Your soul knows the way.
Trust and be free as you follow your heartbeat and move into truth. ~jh