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With over two decades of clients, through thousands of personal readings, advisement, and healings, Jenn has the qualifications and experience to understand You and help your journey. As a certified Intuitive life coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioners, she has studied many fields of spirituality, personal development, and business. She has a background of Shamanic teachings.

So where are you now? And where do you wish to be?

  • Anyone who has a concern about a situation…career, life or relationship and wants to improve it
  • Anyone who desires to increase their understanding about themselves purposes, blocks or depth of self
  • Anyone who has goals, wondering how to achieve them or concerns about achieving them.
  • Anyone who feels “off” or easily overwhelmed.
  • Anyone who wishes to be their highest potential.
  • Anyone who has questions about soul purpose or life journey
  • Anyone struggling with everything and wants to release the blocks creating them.
  • Anyone who has a dream and confused by the meaning of it.
  • Anyone who wants to connect and understand their pets and animal totems.

Jenn will work with you in many forms and ways on a pre-paid basis. The equal exchange is available. Please contact Jen about EE.

She is available for immediate readings by clicking on the button. The rate is $2.50/minute. Her schedule through the click4advisor button is the following:

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Jenn is less expensive working with her directly on her site. She is available through this site for a personal or group sessions. You can use this link to call Jenn when she is available or contact Jen about EE.  The rate is the same if you prefer speaking with her by the minute.

Jenn is on a pre-paid basis for all her sessions and arranges a time to speak with her if you would like to set up a time.

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Personal rates are

30 minutes = $70.00
60 minutes = $140.00

30 Minute Session        

60 Minute Session  

or you can set up a consultation by emailing her, using the form below. Please allow 24 hours for a response. The rate for scheduling an appointment is $2.5o.


Life coaching sessions choices are one time or a few sessions. one 1 1/2 hours session = $222.
A month package for $333.00 include one 1 1/2 hour session and three 20 minutes sessions ( one per week) Please contact Jen to see what is best for you. 

All appointments are pre-paid and held in confidence.

**Referral plan ~ refer three people for scheduled paid sessions and receive 15% off your next session.
** Jennifer Hillman reserves the right to change prices and the discount referral program without notice at any time.

*Referrals are greatly appreciated with bonuses, including a free session. Contact Jen for more details.